Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Since men lose approximately 1-3% of their testosterone every year after the age of ~30, it comes as no surprise that low testosterone is a common problem, and one that can almost always be corrected easily. We offer testosterone replacement in 2 different forms, injection therapy and pellet therapy.
  • Injections:Given weekly, short acting (~1 week) theraputic life, and inexpensive. Normal dose ranges from 75-200mg weekly. Cost is $25/week for cash pay patients, and usually FREE (once deductible is met) for patients that are insured.
  • Pellets: Placed every 3-6 months (depending on your bodies metabolism), these pellets are placed under the skin with a small incision (~1cm) done in the office. They offer a very quick, stable, and sustained release of testosterone that is very predictable. Cost is $550 per batch (3-6 months) for cash pay, but usually the price of a co-pay for patients with insurance.


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